Posted on: September 27, 2008 11:05 am

Who do we pick up in the off season?

This blog post goes out to all of us Cardinal fans. Who do we go after this off season? Gone are the days of Jim Edmonds and Scott Rolen.  Big Al doesn't have much protection in this line-up. Although Ludwick is awesome. We need another consistant bat. Manny is going to be a free agent after this season, we probably cant aquire his services but show us (managment) that your trying.

The next issue to address is pitching. We can't rely on Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright cause of injury issues. The Mets went after and got Johan Santana, the Brewers mid season picked CC Sabathia, and we pick up Kyle Loshe. Don't get me wrong he has been solid but we need an Ace. The writting is clear go after Tim Lincecum, the guy is making $405k on a terrible San Francisco Giants team. CC is on the block, at least make an offer.

We know we need help in the bullpin and one to two more solid bats, who do we go after?

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